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Garghash Products are electrometric compound, ready to apply fluid roofing material which provides a joint free, and seamless, waterproof, insulation elastic protective membrane for roof and foundation protection of buildings.

It is suitable for all kinds of roofing materials like asphalt, asbestos, cement, metal, wood,  terrazzo tiles and concrete etc. it acts as an effective barrier to humidity waterborne salts and atmospheric effect.


  • Extremely Light weight-reduces dead weight.
  • Energy efficient-reduces heating/coolling cost.
  • Resistant to Ultra violet rays.
  • Ease of application.
  • Lexible, Anti-Rust and Anti-Fungus.
  • Bonds equally well to porous and non-porous surfaces. positive      adhesion qualities.
  • Quality
    • The surfaces must be dry, clean, stable, free from dust, dirt and rust.
    • Roof surface should be free from standing water.
    • Concrete surface must be or high density, smooth and fully cured
    • For metal surfaces, all joining metal sections should be properly closed and mechanically fastened or welded.
    • For wooden surfaces, old, deteriorated wood must be replaced.
    • Ensure all nail heads are driven flush to the surface
    • To Terrazzo Roof Tiles clean and repair or replace the damaged joints/tiles.
    • Remove blisters and major defects from surface and replace with appropriate material
    • Caulk or tape, joints, cracks, splits and minor defects.
    • Replace wet insulation
    • Eliminate standing water and dry the surface.
    • Just prior to application, remove all dust, dirt and other contaminates by brushing, vacuuming or power blowing.


    • GARGHASH products can be used as:
    • Waterproof coating for all kind of roofs/substrates.
    • Waterproof lining for water retaining structures (water tank etc.)
    • Seamless exterior coating
    • Sealant fbr sanitary fittings
    • Foundation protective coasting for new construcation.
    • Acts as an insulator
    • Do not scratch the meterial with sharp edges instruments.
    • Do not rub the product with bad and abrasive tools.
    • Do not allow water to stay long on roof surface
    • Clean the dust from the roof surface preferably after a month to get fantastic
    • results